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We are one of the pioneers in the development of devices for UV-C-air sterilisation, UV-C-water purification, UV-C-surface sterilisation, as well as neutralisation and drying of room air.

UVC Products

UV-C-radiation is part of sunlight. When subjecting micro­organisms to sunlight, it prevents their multiplication and destroys them.

Air Sterilisation

Today air conditioning and ventilation devices can no longer be done without. They have their solid place in the work environment and are established in medical technology and in the food industry.

Water Purification

Disinfection with ultra violet light, without chemical or thermic processes, has many advantages.

Surface Sterilisation

The UV-C-disinfection devices play a decisive role in the chain of hygiene. Completely without chemicals, on a purely physical basis.

Odour Removal

Today aggressive odors are met with highly active oxygen. Ozone is a natural, gaseous molecule and is often found in nature.

Air Drying

Dryer systems with integrated UV-C disinfection for integration in ventilation systems are designed for single production areas as well as for the entire production plant.

The light is emitted via UV-C-emitters which for a specific use are placed into closed stainless steel containers. Water tightness and splinter protection are quality features of the UV-C-devices by ­STERILSYSTEMS. Since the mechanism of UV-C-sterilisation is based on a purely physical process, without chemicals, toxic compoundings or formation of resistance, there are many possible applications for the food industry and –trade, water suppliers, the fields of air conditioning/ventilation technology, as well as pharmaceutical- and laboratory and as hospital technology offering perfect workplace- and production hygiene and at the same sustainable quality assurance. In addition, ­STERILSYSTEMS provides a comprehensive product program for air sterilisation, surface sterilisation, water purification, odour removal and room air drying, thus contributing to a perfect hygiene management.
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