Cutter Disinfection


In particular, for the disinfection of knives and hygienic tools, STERILSYSTEMS developed this unit. It effects the efficient disinfection of blade surfaces in many ranges of application: in the sales shop, the food production an in the laboratories. For the operators it is quite safe because of the complete shielding.

The result: A gradual and rigorous cleaning of the blades and the tools surfaces of undesired germs, viruses, yeasts and mould spores with an efficiency of up to 99,99 per cent. After washing the blades, they are inserted in a special cradle. The timer should be set up to 0-120 min. At the end of ca. 60-90 min., the blades are disinfected.


High-quality stainless steel and a very elevated surface finish even meet the highest requirements of hygiene. The UV-C emitter and the electronics are integrated in the casing. The extraordinarily high operational life span of the UV-C emitters, makes the usage of the MES-SYSTEM economical. An emitter replacement is quite simple, and may be effected without supplementary maintenance costs.


Technical Data

Technical Data
Type MES10

H 600 × B 310 × T 125 mm

Material casing stainless steel
Emitter energy-saving
UV-C emitter 9.000 hrs.
Power 15 W
Voltage 230 V ± 10% 50..60 Hz
Blade capacity 10 knives
Weight 5,3kg
Certification mark CE

Technical Data Sheet

MES10 Technical Datasheet

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