The MKD1200 by STERILSYSTEMS was designed and developed especially for the permanent disinfection of knife baskets and processing utensils. This special UV-C pass-through disinfection system is used for the removal of unwanted micro-organisms on surfaces. The surface will be disinfected dry and completely without chemicals or heat impact. The operator places the knife basket with the knifes, chain glove, etc., on the inlet belt. While the employee washes and disinfects, for example, the hands, the basket will be routed automatically through the UV-C sterilization unit and the disinfection is performed. The employee removes the basket at the outlet of the system.

The MKD1200 system by STERILSYSTEMS based on the highly effective UV-C technology permits a sterilization of up to 99.999%, this effectively eliminates germs, viruses, yeasts and mold spores and prevents multiplication.



The MKD1200 consists of a high quality, rustproof, acid and lye resistant stainless steel housing and is in accordance with the highest hygiene requirements.
The especially smooth and low noise conveyor belt can be adapted to the required capacity.
The UV-C emitters are integrated into the housing and are IP68 waterproof; the ballast electronics are placed in a switch box and are water-protected.
The protective conduits with a high wall thickness in which the UV-C radiators are installed are equipped with a reliable splinter protection and provide a high break resistance. 12,000 hours UV-C emitter life span are tantamount to constantly high disinfection efficiency.
The exchange of the radiators is simple with a few hand movements through a screwed socket.


  • Efficient disinfection – the UV-C radiator dosage does not require the additional use of chemicals for disinfection
  • Very economical – the recurring maintenance and cleaning costs are significantly reduced
  • No heat development – the sharpness of the knife edge will not be influenced
  • Durable high efficiency radiators – the radiator performance with 12,000 hours is very long-lasting
  • Uncritical for use by human beings – due to total shielding of the UV-C light, the device can be deployed safely directly at the work place of personnel.

Technical data

Type MKD1200
Dimensions L 4680 × B 300 × H 1530
(belt length adaptable depending on the required capacity)
Insert height     approx. 730 mm
Material housing stainless steel V2A
Belt speed as per customer request and depending
on the required capacity
Radiator UV-C high efficiency radiator ST1
900 W
400V 50Hz

Technical data sheet

MKD 1200 Technical data sheet

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