Sterilisaton of carving and conveyor belts


FB-System - Sterilisaton of carving and conveyor belts

Conceived and developed by STERILSYSTEMS especially for the persistant degermination of carving and conveyor belts. By the contact of the goods with the belt, but also by the ambient air and the handling of the cooperators, the products are subjected to continuous pollutions by undesirable microorganisms.

Already within half an hour after the purifi cation the germination number on, resp. at the carving and conveyor belts may arise up to a millionfold value. The consequence: during the processing of the following products inevitably a (new) contamination will be created. The FB-System reliably kills the unrequested microorganisms and prevents their progeny. By the perfect screening of UV rays the unit is unobjectionably applicable for the operators also directly in the workplace. It gets assembled under the belt – so with every rotation a reliable and consistant sterilisation will take place. The waterproof construction ensures, that there is no disassembly occurring during the wet cleaning.


High-quality stainless steel and an extra high surface fi nish meet the highest requirements of hygiene. The UV emitters are integrated in the housing in a waterproof way, and obviously also the front end electronics is accomodated, waterproof, in a switchboard. STERILSYSTEMS exactly co-ordinates the casing dimensions with the band with and the performance with the respective belt speed. The extraordinarily high operational life span renders profi table the application of the FB-System, an emitter change may easily be effected by the operator without any extra effort nor maintenance charges. And optionally also for the FB-System there is available a reliable splinter shield.


  • Safe for human
    by the perfect shielding of the UV-C light, the device is also directly applicable safe workplace for employees
  • Simple wet cleaning
    The device can be folded down for cleaning, the UV-C emitters switch automatic. from. Simply lather and rinse!

Technical Data

Technical Data
Type FB2 - 2 UV-C high efficiency
300 400 500 600 810 1000 1200
Power FB2 in W 26 36 46 58 80 100 122
Weight FB2 5,6 10,6 11,6 12,4 14,9 17,4 21
Type FB4 - 4 UV-C high efficiency
300 400 500 600 810 1000 1200
Power FB4 in W 48 72 92 116 160 200 244
Weight FB4 6,1 11,0 12,7 14,2 16,4 18,3 21,9
Dimensions according
to band width mm
335 435 535 635 845 1035 1235
Material casing stainless steel IP67, waterproof
Voltage 230 V ± 10% 50-60 Hz
Certification mark CE

Technical Datasheet

FB-System Technical Datasheet

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