Disinfection sluice


The UV-C pallet disinfection DS1800 by STERILSYSTEMS is used for the removal of unwanted micro-organisms on surfaces of pallets, packages and packings. The surface gets disinfected dry, without chemicals or heat impact. Using a fork lift, the pallet or the packing unit can be placed into the pallet disinfection system. It is also used as the UV-C high care sluice between the preparation and the clean room. The start button will be actuated through the large touch panel with display and the disinfection process runs fully automatic. After the disinfection, the pallet or the packaging can be removed from the clean room, the effectiveness of the disinfection from unwanted germs is 99.999%.



The housing of the DS1800 by STERILSYSTEMS consists of high quality, rustproof, acid and  lye resistantstainless steel. The very high surface quality matches the highest hygiene requirements. The ballast electronics and the PLC control are integrated water protected in a stainless steel switch box. The UV radiators are delivered with splinter shields. A large touch panel is used as the operating display and for control.


  • Easy control – the disinfection process runs fully automatic
  • Uncritical for employees – the device can be used by the employees without problems because of the optimal light separation and safety equipment
  • Easy maintenance – the radiators are replaced through a screwed socket without additional effort or costs
  • Reliable surface disinfection – The UV-C high care sluice is also used as an effective separation from the clean room

Technical data

Type DS1800
Material sluice stainless steel
Inside sluice dimensions B 1390 × H 2600 × T 1590mm
Insert height     approx. 300 mm
Radiator UV-C radiator with high performance technology
Control |
status display
touch panel |
LED Visualisation
Weight approx. 920 kg
400 V / 50Hz
2,5 KW

Technical data sheet

DS1800 Technical data sheet

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