The DC600 by STERILSYSTEMS is outstandingly qualified for the UV-C disinfections of protective and laboratory goggles, tools, knifes and similar utensils.
The stainless steel cabinet with the UV-C radiators is equipped with several shelves, which ensure that the utensils to be sterilized are placed clearly arranged. The cabinet includes a suspension attachment for wall fastening and a digital counter for a freely selectable illumination duration. The entire control electronics are separately integrated in the cabinet and a failure-free function is indicated through the LED display.


After the utensils have been placed, the sterilization time can be freely selected and adapted or the last time is used. The UV-C disinfection is started by actuating the start button and it runs automatically.  The undesirable germs are killed up to 99.999%.
If the door is opened during operation, then the radiators are automatically switched off by the safety device.


  • High quality design – rustproof, acid resistant stainless steel
  • Clearly arranged inspection window – several shelfs provide a clearly arranged placing of the utensils
  • Efficient sterilization of surfaces – no additional use of chemicals is required, moisture does not develop.
  • Non-critical use – due to total shielding of the
    UV-C light and the safety device, the device
    can be deployed safely directly at the work place
    of personnel
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning – the radiator replacement is possible for yourself with
    a few hand movements 

Technical data

Type DC600

H 670 mm × B 880 mm × T 234 mm

Material housing stainless steel
Radiator UV-C high efficiency radiator
Voltage 230 V +- 10 % 50 HZ
Power 180W
Supply cable with Euro plug 3 m
Weight approx. 35 kg
Identification CE

Technical data sheet

DC600 Technical data sheet

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