Air Drying


STERILSYSTEMS also offers great compact systems for central ventilation systems as required. For the dimensioning, the necessary customer data are gathered and the performance will be strictly calculated. Upwardly open without limits. Dryer systems with integrated UV-C disinfection for integration in ventilation systems are designed for single production areas as well as for the entire production plant.

The desiccate and disinfected air is blown out at the top of the unit and distributed in the room over the ceiling and the wall, or by means of an air pipe system. The arising caloric energy is lead outside. The sterilDRYER can be adjusted to different desiccation performances. The different operating conditions are regulated automatically. On that account, moisture sensors that are distributed in the room, gather the air humidity. In order that, when opening doors, no polluted air might pour in, and the operators are provided with fresh air, processed air gets sucked in from outside and then dried and disinfected. Thus, a slight excess pressure arises in the production room and when opening the doors the air flows outside.



The structure of sterilDRYER is divided into three main zones. Primarily the moist air is laterally sucked in and cleaned from undesired air particles by means of an upstream filter [1]. After the water separation by condensation [2], takes place the UV-C air disinfection [3].

The entire process air unit is conceived in completely acid-base resistant V4A stainless steel. Only this material is long-term resistant against the aggressive detergents’ aerosols. Our integrated UV-C system provides for the reliable disinfection. For water separation, applies our especially developed low temperature technology. Evaporator plates are cooled with low temperatures and the cold air thereupon is condensed resp. frozen. Alternately, the plates get defrosted. Thus, a slight excess pressure arises in the production room and when opening the doors the air flows outside. A germinal entry by the ambient air thus is reliably prevented.


  1. dry, cooled air is added
  2. air is enriched with moisture
  3. moist, cold air is mixed with fresh air and filtered
  4. resulting heat energy can be blown outside
  5. low temperature drying and disinfection process

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