The SLM6/3 by STERILSYSTEMS was designed and developed especially for the permanent sterilization of the empty air space in tanks or containers and the inlet air. The air is disinfected dry and completely without chemicals and without heat impact. The process routes the air through three filter stages (G4, F7, H13), filters it and sterilizes the air subsequently through the UV-C disinfection module. The disinfected, particle-free air will be blown into the existing tank.
Based on the 3 filter classes, the SLM6/3 permits the removal of dust particles, and harmful substances based on the highly effective UV-C technology it permits a sterilization of up to 99.999%. This effectively eliminates germs, viruses, yeasts and mold spores and prevents multiplication.



The SLM6/3 system by STERILSYSTEMS consists of a high quality, rustproof, acid and lye resistant stainless steel housing and is in accordance with the highest hygiene requirements.
The air will be cleaned through a triple filter stage and subsequently disinfected with UV-C. The UV-C radiation collections are provided in high quality stainless steel. The radiators are protected water tight through protective glass. The maintenance of the radiators and filters is easily possible from the outside. An operating hour counter and an error alarm contact are integrated in the switch cabinet. The module is mounted upstream of the suction channel.


  • Disinfection free of chemicals – the UV-C radiation dosage does not require the additional use of chemicals for disinfection
  • Combination of filtering and disinfection – filtering and UV-C disinfection are only combined in one device and finest particles, germs, mold spores and viruses are reliably removed
  • Very economical – the maintenance costs are low due to the durable radiator power and the easy replacement of the radiators

Technical Data

Type SLM6/3
Material housing stainless steel
Outside dimensions  L 1830 × B 713 + 210 × H 435 mm
Filter stage 1 Filter class G4 as per EN779:2012
Average degree of separation (Am)
of the synthetic test dust (%) G4: 90 ≤ Am
Filter stage 2 Filter class F9 as per EN 779:2012
Minimum efficiency at 0.4 μm  F9 70%
Average efficiency (Em) of 0.4 μm  95 ≤ Em
Filter stage 3 Filter class H13 as per EN 1822 aerosol filter Absolute
Degree of separation in MPPS
(Most Penetrating Particle Size - 0.1 μm - 0.2 μm)
H13 ≥ 99.95%
UV-C radiator UV-C high efficiency radiator ST1
approx. 300 W
230V  50 Hz

Technical data sheet

SLM 6/3 Technical data sheet

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