UV-C Air Sterilisation


This extremely convenient KB1 system is used for the disinfection of airflow in small central air conditioning and ventilation systems. Formed therein and supplied from outside by the fresh air unwanted microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeast and mould spores are necessarily evenly distributed in living and working spaces and can lead to an impairment of people . The sick building syndrome and infections can be reduced with the UV-C air disinfection unit KB1 and it supports most considerably the hygiene requirements of VDI guideline 6022.



The KB1 air disinfection module is supplied as a ready to install assembly unit with the appropriate UV-C emitters.  The housing and interior of the device is made entirely of stainless steel. For the assembly two holes are installed in the vent housing / channel and the device is screwed from the outside via the two fixing lugs.

The moisture-proof UV-C emitter modules are placed in the vent housing, or channel without any significant pressure loss. The entire function and control electronics is mounted in the emitter housing. If a fault occurs, it is displayed via indicator lamps.

The advantages at a glance

  • Highly efficient against bacteria, yeasts,

    viruses and fungi.  

    Free of chemicals or other residues

    No chemistry, ozone and residue-free

    Can be integrated into existing working processes

Technical data

Technische Daten
Type KB 1

H 47 × W 72 mm
Lenghs emitters 200 - 600 mm

Material casing stainless steel
Emitter 1 × UV-C-emitter ST1 16.000h high efficiency
Power 7 - 29
Voltage 230 V ± 10% 50..60 Hz
Outlet 3 m
Weight 0,7kg

Technical Data Sheet

KB1-System Technical Data Sheet

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