This certified device type has been developed under
special explosion protection requirements especially for  the sterilization of air and/or surfaces in dust-prone areas (withpermanent or temporary dust exposure) in food processing, animal rearing and living/office areas, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.
The FS system ATEX disinfects by means of UV-C light with a main emission of 254nm and eliminates germs up to 99.999% whereby germs, viruses, yeasts and mould spores are effectively killed and their multiplication prevented.

The device is made out of high quality, rust-proof stainless steel and fulfils the highest hygiene standards. ATEX certification requires ballast units which are adapted especially to the device type and need to be mounted outside the EX area. The control electronics are fitted with an LED status display and potential-
free signal contact.



FS ATEX sterilization systems can be used individually and adapted to suit almost any disinfection area thanks to their simple mounting.
The system comprises of a UV-C emitter with shatter protection and VA casing, protective grille and frame.



  • Explosion protection – developed especially for hazardous areas with dust exposure
  • End of life cut off  – the included control electronics of the UV-C emitter are fitted with end of life cut off
  • Economical – long life of high efficiency UV-C
    emitter with 12,000 operating hours

Technical data

Type FS-ATEX FS0700ex FS0810ex FS1000ex FS1500ex FS1800ex
Explosion protection II 3 D Ex tc IIIC T190°C Dc 0°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +60°C (Zone 22)
Measurement built-in length (mm) |
weight (kg)
805 | 3,7 915 | 4,2 1105 | 6,1 1605 | 7,2 1905 | 8,4
Height / width (mm) 84 / 92
Material frame / casing | Connection cable Stainless steel | 3 m
Emitter | Protective category high efficiency UV-C emitter 12,000 hrs | IP67
Output (watt) 35 40 50 77 92
Voltage 230 V +- 10% 50..60 Hz
Status display / signal | Material LED / 5 volt | Galvanized/powder-coated steel
Ballast unit item no. 44VGX00140 44VGX00140 44VGX00150 44VGX00177 44VGX00192
Identification CE

Technical Data

FS-System ATEX Technical Data

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