UV-C Air Sterilisation


E2000-Serie - UV-C Air Sterilisation

The unit for sterilisation of the ambient air E2000 especially fits for the degermination of rooms that are constantly frequented by persons. A direct radiation of the ambient air and thus of the environment is excluded by the construction.

There is no air flow needed for the application of the unit, because by an integrated axial fan the air gets aspirated to the unit and conducted to the process of degermination. The application area of the E2000 is very large and extends in the ambit of foods to rooms of production, processing, packaging, cutting up, slicing, and laboratories. The units get furnished already ready to plug in and the assembly is effectedby simple hanging to the ceiling.



The cage and inner structure of the unit completely is manufactured by stainless steel, acid-base resistant. An axial fan aspires the contaminated air. By an elaborated cage construction the air flow gets conducted over the high performance UV lamps, thus effecting a maximum degermination. Passing a covering which likewise serves as radiance blend, the degerminated air up to 99,9%, gets blown out. Because of the especially silent axial fan and the developed air flow guidance in the unit, there are no windage noises audible and also no air draught may be perceived by the operators. The front end electronics is water-protectedly integrated in the cage. As is usual with UV-C units, the lamps must be changed in determinate intervals. The STERILSYSTEMS high performance lamps, after a very high durability of 16.000 hours, may simply be changed by an in-line socket after removal of the radiation protection blend. 

Optionally the unit may be equipped with different lamps fort he odour neutralisation.

Technical Data

Technische Daten
Typ E2000-2 E2000-4 E2000-6
Dimensions Diameter 300 mm × L 1100 mm
Material caising stainless steel, resistent against acids and bases V4A

2 × UV-C-emitter ST1 16.000h high efficiency

4 × UV-C-emitter ST1 16.000h high efficiency

6 × UV-C-emitter ST1 16.000h high efficiency

Power 80 W 160 W 240 W

230 V ± 10% 50..60 Hz

Voltage EUR Plug
Weight 16,2 kg 16,7 kg 17,2 kg
Mark of conformity CE

Technical Data Sheet

E2000-Serie Techcal Data Sheet

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