UV-C Air Sterilisation


E1000-ST1 - UV-C Air Sterilisation

The efficient disinfection of ambient air, when there is no air circulation. Laboratories, social rooms, store rooms thus efficiently may be kept sterile or even odourless.

By means of an integrated fan, the air, with an attuned volume, passes through the disinfection unit. The delivered UV-C dose, with a wavelength of accurately 253,7 nm, ensures a secure elimination of the microorganisms in the air like germs, viruses, yeasts and mould spores. Simultaneously their multiplying gets prevented, the level of efficiency is up to 99,99 per cent.


The model PFW512SV is completely screened and thus particularly designed for smaller or low rooms. Operators and food reliably are protected from the UV light. The assembly to a wall or to the ceiling, thanks to the supplied mounting brackets is quite simple.

High-quality stainless steel and an elevated surface finish even meet the highest requirements of hygiene. The electronics and the fan are waterproof, as well as the supply cable.
Like all devices of STERILSYSTEMS also the air disinfection unit PFW512SV is extremely low maintenance and low noise. 16.000 hours of operational life span of the UV-C lamps are tantamount to constantly high disinfection efficiency. The replacement of the UV-C emitters is possible by means of the plug-in base. Upon request, we deliver the UV lamps with a splinter shield.


  • small production rooms with staff stay

Technical Data

Technical Data
Type E1000-ST1

L 1000 x B 127 x H 161mm

Material housing stainless steel V4A
Emitter 1 × high efficiency UV-C emitter 16.000 hrs
Power 40W
Voltage 230 V ± 10% 50..60 Hz
Anschluss Eur Stecker
Weight 7,3kg
Ventilator 160m³/h

Technical Data Sheet

E1000-ST1 Technical Data Sheet

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