Air and Surface Sterilisation


AR-System - Air and Surface Sterilisation

The air and surface disinfection units A475 and A910, owing to their application possibilities aren´t shielded. Therefore the UV safety precautions must be rigorously respected by the operator. The assembly, as for all units of STERILSYSTEMS, is quite simple - whether on the ceiling, at a wall or directly above the surface to degerminate.

These units were specifically developed for the disinfection of the ambient air and surfaces. The areas of application are accordingly varied: all surfaces of machines - for example for the food production - by the UV light get exempted from unsolicited germs, viruses, yeasts and mould spores. But also the ambient air at the production and processing plants during the working hours and off-time gets completely sterilized. Withal the mode of operation is simple and unelaborate, the level of efficiency however optimal with 99,99 per cent.


High-quality stainless steel and an extra high surface finish meet all requirements, even of the highest hygiene requirements. The front end electronics, which is assembled to the model, is water-protected and integrated in the housing, also the feed line obviously is screwed in a water-protected way. 16.000 hours of operational life-span are the equivalent of a constantly high efficiency of disinfection. The emitter change may easily be effected at the receptacle - without any extra effort nor maintenance charges. A splinter shield is available, and if an additional odour control should be required or desired, both models can be equipped with appropriate emitters.


  • Simply montage and maintenance
    on the ceiling, a wall or directly over the surface. The replacement of the UV-C emitter is simply.
  • economic and powerful
    16,000 hours of life UV-C emitters provide a consistently high sterilizing efficiency

Technical Data

Technische Daten
Type AR400 AR810 AR1200
Dimensions mm

L 490 × H 107 × T 44

L 900 × H 107 × T 44 L 1290 × H 107 × T 44
Material casing stainless steel

1 × UV-C-emitter ST1 16.000h high efficiency

Power 18 W 40 W 61 W
Voltage 230 V ± 10% 50-60 Hz
Outlet Eur Plug
Weight 1,7 kg 2,9 kg 4,0 kg
Connecting mark CE

Technical Data Sheet

AR-System Technical Data Sheet

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