MOZ 300/500

The portable MOZ300/500 ozone measurement device is designed to monitor and measure ozone in a wide variety of different applications. Ozone concentrations can be shown on the LCD display in either ppm or mg / m³. User-defined upper, lower, and target values can be displayed. The device triggers an acoustic alarm if the ozone concentration exceeds or falls below these values, transmitting a signal to the relay controller.

MOZ 300/500

Using the 0/5 V output, the MOZ300/500 device can activate an externally connected relay which controls an ozone generator or an external system. The MOZ300/500 measurement device can be permanently mounted using the optional wall bracket, or used as a mobile handheld device. The MOZ300/500 can be equipped with a variety of measurement sensors (different measurement ranges). The MOZ500 is also designed with a data logger function.


  • Simple use – Thanks to its handy size and easy
    to read display

    Mobile use – The lithium battery provides up
    to 8 hours of mobile use

    Acoustic alarm – If ozone levels exceed the limit value, the unit triggers an acoustic alarm or an
    alarm via the interface

    Compatible – The integrated analog output
    allows the unit to control external devices
    (e.g. ozone generator)

    Flexible – Different measurement ranges
    available by simply exchanging the sensor

Technical data / Design

Type MOZ300 MOZ500


LCD digital display (can be set to ppm or mg/m³)


11.1V lithium battery


12V DC - Charger supply 230V AC

Analog output

0 bis 5V


195 × 122 × 54 (length × width × height, incl. sensor)


0.5 kg (incl. sensor)

Temperature &
Humidity sensor

- 40° C bis 124° C;
0 bis 90%

External output
for controller

12V DC
max. 150mA

Acoustic alarm

If the value falls below or exceeds a limit value

Data logger

Not included


USB cable (monitor/PC)

Not included


PC data logger software

Not included

Free download




Item number


Ozonization sensor head


Ozone sensor head 0 to 10 ppm (ozonization)

Safety monitoring
sensor head


Ozone sensor head 0 to 0.5 ppm (safety monitoring)

Remote sensor kit


Sensor bracket and Cat5, 2m cable

Wall bracket


Suitable for MOZ300/500

Carrying case


Hard sided case with
foam insert



Technical data sheet

MOZ 300/500Technical data sheet

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