Germfree drinking and process water

Water Purification

Water Purification - Germfree drinking and process water

Potable water all over the world even gets more precious, the economical and considerate exploitation of the resources appertains to the great future tasks of mankind. However, it´s not everywhere that we know and have got credible pure water. There´s a lot of pros for the disinfection of water by means of ultraviolet light, so without the application of chimical reactors or thermal procedures. The UV processing is not only non-polluting, but even extremely economical. Apart from that all minerals, taste, colour and odour as well as the pH-value rest preserved.

Potable water must not contain pathogenic germs. And when we, at STERILSYSTEMS are talking about disinfection, we mean a reduction of the pathogenic germs of 99,999 per cent and have provided the devices of the G- and S-series accordingly. The certified units of the G-series are suited espescially well for the disinfection of potable water and are approved according to the Austrian and German standards and tested biodosimetrically.

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UV flow plants of STERILSYSTEMS inter alia get used in the:

  • municipal and private drinking water supply
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
  • bathwater conditioning (reduction of chloramines)
  • predisposition of bathing and garden ponds (containment of biological growth)
  • water heating (legionella prevention)

Always with lowest operating costs and thus extremely economical.

UV-C Produkte zur Wasserentkeimung

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