Clean Air

Odour Neutraliser

Odour Neutraliser - Clean Air

Odours often emerge unscheduled and quite frequently are deranging, sometimes even noxious or inhibiting the sales. STERILSYSTEMS knows the areas of application, for example of the UV allrounder OZ75 and is able to refer to numerous testimonials. Withal the mobile application and the extremely low maintenance costs play a decisive role, as well as the exact requirements of the customer.

When you choose the OZ75, you will get a "pure air"

  • car dealers and car workshops
  • used car dealership and car rental agencies
  • taxi and autobus services
  • hotels, catering, canteens, seminar rooms
  • hospitals, clinics, sanatoria, retirement homes
  • convalescent homes, spa areas, gyms, indoor swimming pools
  • industrial cleaning and facility management
  • community facilities, kindergarten, town halls
  • catering services, event management
  • libraries, archives, art exhibitions, theater


The areas of application could be continued ad libitum. Just ask us and particularise your „odour problem“, which soon won´t exist anymore.


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