Milk and cheese

Milk and cheese - Food

Growth of germs and undesirable microorganisms are incongruous in the manufacturing process of milk and cheese. UV-C disinfector from STERILSYSTEMS not only help to meet the quality and hygiene standards, but even to exceed them. This has a direct effect on the minimum durabilities. The sterilisation with UV light is one of the most efficient methods of sterilisation. Low investment costs and a minimum effort for the maintenance of the systems make the employment efficient. Positive effect on the IFS and the compliance with the HACCP requirements are further advantages, which nowadays barely an enterprise can ignore.

Microclimate: it gets supported by UV-C, undesirable formation of mould and yeast gets impeded.
Minimum durability: you and your customers may rely on it.
Quality: Security without ifs and buts- guaranteed by UV in the packaging room.

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