Clean air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Air-Conditioning Systems

Air-Conditioning Systems - Clean air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Air-conditioning and ventilating systems nowadays are simply indispensable. They are an inherent part of the working environment, the medical technology and food industry. We often speak of a „well-being climate“ and are meaning also the temperature and air humidity. But what about the pathogenic germs? How do they influence surfaces that are difficult to clean or tight channels? Germs, viruses and mould here often find an ideal matrix for their growth.

The consequences may be fatal: notable reduction of the durability of grocery, the sick building syndrome in the working rooms and infections cost much money and reduce the efficiency of the company. STERILSYSTEMS and the sterilisation technology, we developed and constructed, quite significantly supports the required compliance with hygiene measures of air-conditioning and ventilating systems according to the VDI-directive 6022. The positive consequences are proved by numerous references.

STERILSYSTEMS calculates and optimizes the sterilisation components or the complete modules, specifically for the respective application field. Computer simulations - already with the planning of HVAC units - guarantee a high future level of efficiency. Certainly also already existing facilities can be retrofitted.

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